Monday, March 23, 2009


Pointillizer is an app turns your photos into pointillism works of art.

Choose any photo in your photo library, select your dot diameter and background color and hit process to transform your image.

Your impressionist images can then be saved to your photo library.

10 dot sizes and 9 background colors to optimize your creation. Background colors can really effect the mood of the image.

Turns bland photos into a piece of art using a mosaic type effect.

PaintLight 2.2

Relive your childhood with a retro handheld simulation version of Lite-Brite. Select from 24 different colored pegs and toggle the light switch to see the colors really light up! Plus you can save your designs to open later or save as a photo. Simple, user-friendly layout and design.

Loaded with features!

Photo Template:
Use an existing photo as a template on the large canvas. It's a great way to get some help in filing in all 1920 pixels!

Multiple Canvas Sizes:
Small - 10 x 12
Medium - 20 x 24
Large - 40 x 48

- Save your design for later editing
- Save your creation to your pictures and send them to friends
- Toggle the light to emulate a real light turning on, bright!
-Scrolling and pinch zooming to allow easy navigation and editing.