Thursday, October 29, 2009

Where Around The USA

The goal of Where Around The USA is to chase down and catch criminals by solving geography trivia clues and mini-puzzles.

* Over 700 clues to all 50 states
* Clues from categories such as geography, famous people, historical facts, food, capitals, nicknames, National Parks, landmarks, etc
* Track down and catch 16 criminals and recover stolen items
* Built-in Wikipedia and Google Maps access can help you research the clues and locations
* Three additional animated mini-games as part of your missions
* Unscramble a puzzle to secure a warrant by selecting a piece and then tapping its correct location
* Play Whack-A-Mole to help the police catch the crook
* Identify state capitals as quick as you can
* Play with multiple users, game is automatically saved and can be re-opened
* Tracks statistics and high scores
* Keep playing to beat your scores and learn more geography
* Maximize your score by using strategy and look at fewer clues if you can.


Save the Pengiuins said...

I appreciate your effort, but I'm not yet convinced to buy this Carmen Sandiego clone. "Where around the world" isn't 100% correct English, same questionable grammar in the documentation. User interface lacks quality too.

Keep up the good work!

Jennifer Paris said...

Purchased around the world and the app won't work

Laura Acree said...

Purchased where in the usa and app does NOT work!!!