Tuesday, May 12, 2009


New iPhone App / Application!

The goal of Where Around The World is to chase down and catch criminals by solving geography and culture trivia clues and mini-puzzles.

* Over 1000 clues to 100+ cities
* Clues from categories such as language, country flag, currency, nearby geographical features, hobbies, and food
* Track down and catch 12 criminals and recover stolen items
* Three levels of difficulty: Normal, Difficult, and Expert
* Built-in Wikipedia and Google Maps access can help you research the clues and locations
* Three additional animated mini-games as part of your missions
* Unscramble a puzzle to secure a warrant by selecting a piece and then tapping its correct location
* Play Whack-A-Mole to help the police catch the crook
* Identify country flags to review your last travels
* Play with multiple users, game is automatically saved and can be re-opened
* Tracks statistics and high scores
* Keep playing to beat your scores and learn more geography

Combine your skills from old school favorites like Where In the World Is Carmen Sandiego, Trivial Pursuit, The Amazing Race and Jeopardy.

You'll know all your country flags for the next Olympics!

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Itsy Bitsy said...

Iphone is an amazing invetion from apple.Its has many flaws and drabacks too.Apple should consider those things.It doesnt have bluetooth working with other phones even.I was shopping for iphone on online shopping when i came acros with different blogs.Do check it out for many other products.Iphone and blackberry phones are both the same.Blackberry comes with many new feature while iphone lacks sum functions.Iphone is brilliat in touch screen while other phones lack that capability.Iphone application are soo many that one can have the benefit ov it while blackberry lacks that option.

korro7 said...

Does not load