Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Name My Tunes (Music Quiz)

How well do you know your own music?

Name My Tunes uses your own iTunes Library to play song clips and have you identify them by artist and/or title. It's a personalized trivia music quiz.

-identify the artist
-identify the title
-identify the artist/title
-tracks high scores for two play modes
-animation, the dropping balls serve as a timer to indicate your time remaining
-two play modes:
1. Normal (the faster you answer the more points you receive. Over time, incorrect answers will disappear.)
2. Lightning (3 minutes to get as many songs as possible.)
- adjust volume during play

This games is the only one to have two game modes (tracking high scores for each mode) and animation.

Note: Because Name My Tunes is linked with your iTunes library on your iPhone / iPod Touch, the title and artist information is only as accurate as your library. Requires a library of at least 25 songs.

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